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You can do any sizes you'd like in the API, this is simply a "dumbed down" demo

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How it Works

The Anatomy of an API Call (shown with defaults)
<img src='//webpics.us/api?url={URL}&key={YOUR_API_KEY}&token={UNIQUE_TOKEN}&viewport=1200x600&width=500&delay=600&refresh=n'>
Defaults are set on the API, the only required parts of the request are the URL, Key, and Token
Tokens are created by running SHA1 hashing on your secret key and the URL you're requesting a screenshot of.

PHP Sample
	/* Enter your own details (get your API keys by signing up for WebPics!) */
	$webShots['key'] = '{YOUR_API_KEY}';
	$webShots['secret'] = '{YOUR_SECRET_KEY}';
	$webShots['url'] = '//webpics.us/';
	/* Leave this the way it is */
	function screenshot($url, $viewport='1200x600', $width=500, $delay=600, $refresh='n'){
		global $webShots;
		$token = sha1($webShots['secret'].$url);
		return $webShots['url'].'api?key='.$webShots['key'].'&token='.$token.'&url='.rawurlencode($url).'&viewport='.$viewport.'&width='.$width.'&delay='.$delay.'&refresh='.$refresh;

<img src='<?php echo screenshot('google.com'); ?>' alt='Defaults Example'>

<img src='<?php echo screenshot('google.com', '320xfull', '320'); ?>' alt='Portrait iPhone Example'>

<img src='<?php echo screenshot('google.com', '768x1024', '768'); ?>' alt='Portrait iPad Example'>

<img src='<?php echo screenshot('google.com', '768x1024', '768', '600', 'y'); ?>' alt='Regenerated/Refreshed/Renewed/Recreated Example'>

<img src='<?php echo screenshot('google.com', '768x1024', '768', '2000'); ?>' alt='Long Delay Example'>

Home of the Animated Screenshot


Installs in Minutes

Setup is a breeze. Simply signup for your API keys, follow our easy integration guide, and start generating screenshots! You can use our API from anywhere. View website screenshots in your browser, embed on your website, send in an email, share on Facebook, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Animated Screenshots

Imagine displaying your customer's websites in a scrolling iPhone or iPad instead of a static image. With our animated API, you can! We've built the first and only and it's available to you at no extra cost. Make your website more attractive by adding unlimited animated screenshots today. click here for a demo or scroll up.

SSL Secured

If you're running a secure server, then you know how frustrating it can be when companies don't offer SSL secured (https) assets for your website. We're proud to inform you that we run both secure and non-secured APIs for your pleasure. However, if you don't need SSL, we recommend you use the http version for it's slight speed bump (no authentication).

Instantly Generated

We know on the internet, speed is everything. That's why we don't make you stand in "line" to get the screenshot you need from our API. A new or refreshed screenshot takes only seconds to be served up, and a cached one is instantaneously rendered. By storing images temporarily in our server's memory, we are able to reply immediately when it's requested multiple times in a short period.

Virtually ANY Size

Pick a viewport size from 50 to 2000 pixels wide and more than 50px tall. You may also resize your screenshot to be any proportional size with a width between 50 and 2000 pixels. Viewport is the size that the browser is when loading the page. For example, you may want a full sized screenshot at 1200x600, or you may want an iPhone sized screenshot at 320x480. To get full height, just enter the word full for the height.

Save Locally or Hot-link

After retrieving a website screenshot from our API, you may choose to store that image locally, or continue to link to our server. We don't mind, however, if you're looking to maximize your website's speed and efficiency, you may want to grab the image from our API and store it on your own CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Refresh on Command

Unlike our competitors, we do not refresh our screenshots at regular intervals. We allow you to choose when you want it to be done. This gives you further control over your website and is more environmentally friendly. It saves us from updating screenshots that were only requested once...ten years ago...

Support Available

Need assistance with installation or customization? Add the Extra Support package, and we're always available to give a helping hand. Just login to your account and submit a support request. We strive to respond within a few minutes.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime can make or break a web business, and we want to ensure our services are doing you justice. If you ever find we're not holding up our end of the deal, just let us know and we'll find a way to make it right. We appreciate your business!

No Commitment, Cancel Anytime. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Per Month
  • 500 Credits/Mo.
  • Unlimited Cached
  • $1.99 for 100 more
  • LIMITED Email Support
  • NO Phone Support
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$ 24.99
Per Month
  • 2,500 Credits/Mo.
  • Unlimited Cached
  • $9.99 for 1,500 more
  • AVERAGE Email Support
  • LIMITED Phone Support
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$ 199
Per Month
  • 35,000 Credits/Mo.
  • Unlimited Cached
  • $49 for 10,000 more
  • PRIORITY Email Support
  • AVERAGE Phone Support
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$ 499
Per Month
  • 150,000 Credits/Mo.
  • Unlimited Cached
  • $179 for 75,000 more
  • PRIORITY Email Support
  • PRIORITY Phone Support
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1 Credit = 1 New or Refreshed Screenshot
All Plans Include:
  • Unlimited Free Cached Renders
  • Unlimited Animated Screenshots**
  • Get Screenshot of Any URL
  • Instantly Generated, No Queue
  • Access to Earn FREE Credits
  • Super Easy API
  • Never-Down: Low Balance Auto-Pay*
  • SSL Secure (https://) API
  • Create ANY size screenshot
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Cancel Anytime!

* Optional: Set a credit minimum and we'll automatically charge your credit card when you start to get low on credits.
** If the URL you requested to use with the animated screenshot isn't cached, it will cost 1 credit.
We want to see you succeed! Contact us (below), with what you're working on, where we can see your progress, and if approved, we'll give you free credits to use while you build/test/get started.

Cancel Anytime!
You're not locked into a commitment. Cancel anytime and we'll immediately cut-off your monthly billing and you can still use any remaining credits.


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